7th International Conference of Engineering Against Failure

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21-23 June 2023 | Greece | Spetses Island




... The scope of the Conference is to attract interdisciplinary work dedicated to: the design against engineering failure, the implementation of appropriate guidelines against failure, the development and application of concepts and technologies to prevent of failure, the use of both, novel and established approaches, technologies, and tools for failure analysis, as well as the deep understanding of the underlying failure mechanisms and the identification of the failure root causes.

Works are expected to cover a number of different technological areas including aeronautics and space, automotive, marine, wind-energy, oil refineries and chemical industry, civil engineering applications, bioengineering and medical applications, etc. ...

Conference Chairmen

Prof. Emeritus Spiros Pantelakis (Conference Co-Chairman)
Prof. Michael Vormwald (Conference Co-Chairman)

Contact Information

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